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We give research offices the tools to be successful in leadership, communication and teamwork through our STRIVE-THINK-ACT-READ = STAR approach.

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On-demand courses

We provide detailed information and strategies that allow you to work with your team and immediately implement initiatives that will improve operations in your research administration office.


On-demand course

All courses are between 10 and 30 minute and specifically focus on one topic, using our four STRIVE-THINK-ACT-READ cores


Workbook page

Use the workbook page with your team - collect their input and discuss! Collect all the pages to create your own workbook!

Brainstorm Team Meeting


A summary worksheet for the leader to show during discussions with your team.


Book Reviews

So many books - so little time. 
And - how do I apply what I am reading to my team and my leadership style?
Check out reviews of some of our favorite books!

Leaders Eat Last

Simon Sinek

The Ride of a Lifetime

Robert Iger

The Infinite Game

Simon Sinek

Collaborating at Work

Our Four Core: S-T-A-R

Gain the confidence and knowledge you need for success in growing your research. The ability to reach your goals depends on the choices you make today. Let our Think-Read-Act-Strive strategy guide you!



What are your challenges you would like to address?



What could be done to address your challenge?



Step-by-step instructions to improve your operations



Further readings and book reviews on how to apply lessons to research administration


The Guidance You Need

Books that provide not only guidance, but tools and strategies that can immediately be applied. RIng in your new, improved administrative team!

Research Teams as a Goal

Anecdotal Tips and Action Plans for Research AVPs and other Research Administrators



Get to Know Us


Dr. Karin Scarpinato


Karin started her career as a funded biomedical researcher before moving into research administration. She has worked in several administrative positions at diverse types of institutions, from very high research to doctoral universities. Her area of expertise are operational aspects in leadership and a multitude of related projects.


Jeanne Viviani


Jeanne has over two decades of experience in research administration in a variety of institutions -- liberal arts college, engineering university and a research intensive university with a medical school. Her area of focus is research development and building teams.


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